2018 In Photos…

2018 In Photos…

I’ve always loved taking photos. Before we had camera phones, (do you remember that time?), I was the one that took out a disposable camera, snapping away all night. Not having a clue what the photos would look like and the fun part of getting them developed and laughing back at them. Part of me misses those days.

But, of course now we can make more we have captured the moment we wanted to before that moment has gone. We can see what it looks like immediately. We are never that far away from a camera, with them on our phones, ready to grab and snap away. I have SO many more photos thanks to this.

Last night I ordered a photo frame for our bedroom and I was going through my photos to choose 24 to print off. 24 sounds a lot, but actually as I was going through the year and popping my favourite ones in a folder to print, when I got to the end I had 40. It was hard to get them down to 24.

There were so many moments captured that I loved. I thought I would bring them all together in a post, so that I can look back at 2018 in photos and remember all these moments.

I can’t wait to see what memories we will capture in 2019!


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  1. Vikas Mishra
    04/01/2019 / 08:14

    These all pictures are very beautiful and good. The picture quality are very good.

  2. 04/01/2019 / 09:44

    What a gorgeous year of photo’s, not sure how you can pick, I take far too many