Our 2017 Bucket List…July Update

Our 2017 Bucket List…July Update

July has been a crazy busy month with so much going on at school and hospital appointments for Alice. I’m so pleased we are now in the summer holidays and life can slow down for a bit.

Let’s see how we are getting on with ticking off our bucket list.


  1. Get our loft boarded (boring, but practical!)
    • Yes, we got this done a couple of weeks ago and it’s brilliant. It took them all day, as it has to be on stilts and you can’t just lay down the boards. It has meant we can make a start on the spare bedroom, now all the boxes have gone.
  2. Have a patio laid
    • The patio is laid and I’m so pleased that we were able to get it done. One of the perks of living on a new build estate, there are lots of handy builders around to do jobs for us. We’ve had a couple of sunny afternoons and the girls have been out playing on it.
  3. Install a shoe rack in the hallway
    • Yes, we built it and it is installed in the hallway. I love this area of the house now and I always smile when I walk into our home.
  4. Buy new bedroom furniture for Holly
    • Not only have we brought it, but we also put it all together. Holly’s room looks so much bigger with this furniture and I am just putting the finishing touches to it.
  5. Get blinds/curtains/shutters at all the windows
    • We got our lovely shutters fitted a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. They have completed the rooms so perfectly and I love them. That is now all our windows done.
  6. Decorate the girls bedrooms
    • I decorated Alice’s bedroom with fairy wall stickers and she loves it. Holly’s room is so nearly done, I just need to find the perfect rug and it’s finished.
    • I’ve now done Holly’s room with a woodland theme and it’s gorgeous. Her little face when she saw it was a picture and that makes it all worthwhile.

The Girls…

  1. Potty Train Holly
    • We’ve started! It’s going better than the last time we tried so I will keep going and see how she gets on this week. 
  2. Find new swimming lessons for Holly
    • Yes, we got the call last week to say she had a space and we had our first lesson this week. She loved it!
  3. Alice to start Rainbows
  4. Have an Easter Egg Hunt
    • Yay! We went for a lovely Easter Egg Hunt at Highclere Castle with all my family. The girls had great fun making their way around the ground looking for the clues. They got a really good size egg too! We also had an Easter egg hunt in the garden too, you can’t have too many can you!
  5. Go on more bike rides
  6. Have a birthday party – Yes! Alice had her school birthday party just before they broke up for the summer. We decided to do it early to make sure all her friends could come, as so many people go away in August. She had a brilliant time and told me it was the best party ever, so that is a win for me. 
  7. Move Holly into a bed
    • With Holly’s new furniture arriving, we moved her across to a bed a couple of weeks ago. Whilst it didn’t quite go to plan, you can read about it here if you fancy it. She absolutely loves her new bed and is sleeping for longer.

Andy and I…

  1. Have a night away together
  2. Go to the cinema
    • Andy and I had a lovely evening with our friends. We out for dinner and then to see Trainspotting 2, which I loved.
  3. Have a day date
  4. Andy to go to a football match or cricket test match
    • Andy went to Wembley with his friends on May Bank Holiday. He has also now been to the cricket with my dad and with work, so I think we can definitely tick this one off. 
  5. Laura to have a spa day – A few weeks ago my sister in law and I spent a couple of hours one Sunday morning having a lovely time at the spa. We had an hour in the hot tub, followed by a back massage and it was perfect. 
  6. Laura to go to a blogging conference
    • I went to BlogOn this month and had a brilliant time. It was lovely to meet my wonderful friend Laura and we stayed up chatting until 2am. I got to see some old faces and some new ones too and I enjoyed it so much more than last time.
  7. Andy to play golf
  8. Have friends over for dinner

As A Family…

  1. Go to a National Trust Property that we’ve not been to before
    • We brought National Trust passes this month and the girls and I headed to Mottisfont with my parents. We had a great time and it was really beautiful. We will definitely be heading back with Andy and visiting lots more NT places.
    • We went to another National Trust that we haven’t been to before, Cliveden. Its beautiful and had the best play area. we will definitely be going back.
  2. Go to the beach
    • At the weekend we headed to the beach. It wasn’t that warm, but not cold. But it was a bit windy! The girls loved it though and we had a great time. I know we will be heading to the beach a few more times this year.
  3. Have a holiday
    • We have booked our holiday and we are off to Wales in August. I can’t wait!
  4. Go camping for the first time
    • We went on our first family camping trip last weekend with our friends. We had a great time and the girls loved it. I can see camping being a big part of our lives as the girls get older.
  5. Have a family weekend away – This is in the planning stages
  6. Go to the cinema
    • At the weekend the girls and I went to the cinema with my mum. It was Holly’s first time and she loved it. We went to see Trolls, which is a great film. We all went as a family to see The Smurfs The Lost Village and we all loved it. I used to love the smurfs when I was a child and I love that the girls do too. It was brilliant
  7. Visit a theme park – We are off to Paultons Park in August for the girls birthday!
  8. A trip to London
  9. Go ice skating
  10. See a panto

I can’t tell you how nice it is to tick of the birthday party, they are so stressful and you feel under pressure for it to go well. Now we can relax and enjoy the girls birthday’s in August, along with our holiday too. I can’t wait!



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  1. 03/08/2017 / 15:54

    Good luck with the toilet training, it was my least favourite parenting task ever I have to admit 😉 Hope your August is brilliant lovely.

    Stevie x #MonthlyBucketList

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