10 Ways I Am #Rocking Motherhood…

10 Ways I Am #Rocking Motherhood…

I wasrecently nominated by the beautiful Laura from Five Little Doves and the lovely Louise from Little Hearts Big Love, to share ten ways that I rock motherhood. To be honest it’s taken me a while to wrote this post, because, well I don’t think that I do rock at motherhood. The thought of shouting from the roof tops about what I am great at, feels me with dread.

It has sat on my to do list and I keep glancing at it and hoping that it will go away. But then I thought why are you being like this, ok you are no the worlds best mum, but you don’t completely suck. Alice tells you that you are the best mummy in the world, so you must be doing something’s right.

So, here are my ten ways that I am #Rocking Motherhood…

Number One

When it’s been a long day and we are all a bit tired. While I am cooking dinner, I put on some music and we dance around the kitchen. It makes me feel so much better and the girls just love it. To see them laugh and dance, makes me think that life isn’t so bad.

Number Two

I’m never too busy for a cuddle. Life is busy and there are always jobs to the done and whilst the girls can constantly ask for a drink, or a snack or anything else that takes me away from what I am meant to be doing. If either of them ask me for a cuddle, no matter what I am doing, I stop and give them a cuddle. Because for whatever reason, and sometimes there probably isn’t a reason they just need a cuddle right now. And that’s ok. I know that there will come a time when they don’t ask for cuddles as often as now, and I am going to soak up every single one of them.

Number Three

There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for them. I know that probably most parents can say this. But, I am a stay at home mum, something that probably doesn’t come naturally to me. I mean one of the reasons that I continue to write my blog, is because it gives me something for me. But, I LOVE being a stay at home because I get to give them everything they need in their life right now. Its not going to be forever, there will come a time that they won’t need me in the same way. But, I am happy to put my own needs to one side for now. I also know how incredibly lucky I am to be able to stay home with them and be the one that drops Alice at school and picks her up. Even if I do moan about the school run, everything single day….

Number Four

I let them play hairdressers with my hair. I have no problem with sitting and letting my girls play with my hair, they think I am the best mum for letting them do it. I actually secretly quite like it, it’s quite therapeutic. I know many mums this would horrify them.

Number Five

I’ve watched Peter Rabbit so many times, the same ones too, as I repeatedly get asked for ‘the one with the snow mummy’. I know every word and I used to actually quite like it. But, now that tune ‘run rabbit run’…goes right through me. But, Holly would never know, she looks over at me and I smile at her. Every time without fail she asks who my favourite is, and I reply ‘cotton tail’. Now that is love!

Number Six

I don’t particularly like going to swimming, I just find it hard work. But for four years, I took Alice every single week for her lesson, with me getting in the pool too. And for two of the those four years, I also took Holly for her lesson. So I had to go through the pain twice a week. It became a chore, but they loved it and its a life skill they need to have. I am so pleased Alice can now go on her own and I sit and watch. Just Holly to go…

Number Seven

I took Alice and now I take Holly to baby/toddler groups. I don’t like them, I find it hard work and I am just not very good at the socialising bit. But, I know how good it is for them to interact with other children their age. I choose groups where we were involved in an activity, like baby/toddler sensory, swimming and ballet classes. I put aside my own anxiety about going to these groups for my girls and I still do now.

Number Eight

I drink countless cups of pretend tea, even though I don’t actually like tea! Alice has caught onto this fact and now makes me endless cups of coffee, but with Holly its still tea. I do get a rather nice custard cream with it, but sadly that’s no real either. I always drink it and when they ask me if I want another one, I always say yes.

Number Nine

I would give up. Fighting Postnatal depression is one of the hardest things I’ve done and I am doing it for my family. I lived with it behind closed doors and I knew that to move on and get better, I had to open up to the people around me. I did that for them. I want to be the mummy that I was before I had Holly, the one I know I can be. I know she is in there and she is fighting her way to the front again. The hardest thing for me has been the school playground, but every day, twice a day, I turn up and I overcome my anxiety and I smile at people, say hello and chat to anyone that comes over. I do this for my girls, I know that for them to feel part of the school, I have to feel part of it too. Thankfully there are so lovely friendly mum’s that have made this easy for me.

Number Ten

I remember what it’s like to be kid. I know how much fun it is to build a den and whilst I could do without the mess, I remember how much fun my brother and I had doing it. So I let them. I remember on a Friday my mum taking me to the shop after school to buy some white chocolate buttons as a treat. This has stuck with me, so I know how much these little things mean to you as a child. So, I do the same with my girls. I try so often to take a step back and look at the world through their eyes and think does it really matter what they are doing? Most of the time they are just wanting to have fun and they won’t be little for long. It also means that I get to be a kid too…

So, there we go that is my ten ways that I’m #Rocking Motherhood and actually it was quite easy to write them once I got going. I know that I am not the best mummy in the world, I have my flaws. But I know if you ask my girls, they will tell you I am the best mummy in the whole wide world and that is good enough for me.

Now it is time for me to nominate another mummy who is #Rocking Motherhood and I am going to nominate the lovely Alex, over at Bump to Baby. Not because I want her to write a post, that is her choice if she wants to or not. But, because last week she shared with us how isolated and alone she is feeling right now and she reached out to people. I know how incredibly hard that was for her to do. Alex was so overwhelmed by the support she received, she made a video too. You can watch it here, if you wish to.

Anyway I am nominating Alex, because I want her to know that she is a brilliant mummy and she is definitely #Rocking Motherhood.

To anyone else who wishes to join in, how do you rock at motherhood?


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  1. 06/02/2017 / 12:03

    You are an amazing Mummy Laura, and I knew that before I read this too. This is my favourite blogging tag in a long while, us mums are pretty special, thank you for joining in! xxx

  2. 07/02/2017 / 22:08

    Oh gosh you definitely rock at motherhood, and actually I’ve meant to say to you for a while that there’s another reason you rock at motherhood that you don’t even realise. Whenever you come up in conversation with bloggers that have met your children, they say what a credit they are to you and how well behaved they are. That is the sign of a successful mummy.

    • 07/02/2017 / 22:38

      Thank you Nat, that is really lovely to hear and made me feel a bit emotional. x

  3. 09/02/2017 / 08:16

    I’m exactly like you with this tag – I’ve tried to sit down and write it a few times but I find it really really difficult. This was such a lovely read though, I can relate to lots of them (I also die a bit inside when I hear the Peter Rabbit song, and I can’t stand swimming either). You’re definitely rocking motherhood!

  4. 11/02/2017 / 00:11

    Wow you so do rock at motherhood. I must do this tag at some point x Love the choc buttons on a Friday!